Welcome to System 3 Coaching

System 3 caters to triathletes, swimmers & runners of all levels.

The aim at System 3 is to provide you with the highest quality of training and help you effectively achieve your goals in a simplistic, enjoyable and cost effective way

Why is this important?

For new athletes or seasoned athletes that are looking for a change in coaching, one of the most important aspects is fitting your goals around your life. Too many times do coaches give athletes a ‘personalised training program’ which looks extremely similar to an online template and does not work for the athlete as the coach is not willing to offer unlimited access to themselves unless charging an exuberant amount of money. Often athletes end up frustrated, injured and unmotivated due to the lack of understanding and communication from the coach.

System 3, builds training programs for all levels of athletes which are regularly monitored, adapted and customised to suit any changes that happens within the athletes life. The training programs are well explained and enjoyable and do not follow the same tedious workouts as many online templates. Furthermore these training programs affordable, flexible and high quality