At System 3 we provide three types of coaching methods:

Customised Training Plan = Maybe you have a goal race and want a personalised training plan for your availability and skill level. Well this might just be for you. Tell me when your race is, how much time you have to train and prior experience, and you will receive a custom training plan that you can follow in addition with some extra tips to help you achieve your goal.


Customised Training Plan: $50

System 3 Online Coaching = Sometimes it isn’t possible for an athlete to train with their coach due to time restraints or other priorities, well online coaching maybe perfect for you. As someone receiving online coaching you will be provided with a training plan written weekly but modified daily based on how YOU feel. The System 3 Online Coaching package includes:

  • Personalised adaptable training plan delivered online
  • Access to one face-face coaching sessions per week at no extra cost
  • Feedback on every session completed
  • Pre race-day advice
  • Race day nutrition plan
  • 24/7 access to your coach
  • Post analysis of races
  • Goal-setting sessions
  • Subsidised weekly group runs
  • Pacing Opportunities (Your coach will run the race with you at your goal race time)
  • Opportunities for cross-training
  • Access to fitness metrics and data


Monthly Online Coaching: $100

*Prior to online coaching an original consultation of roughly 30mins done via skype or phone is required to discuss goals and needs.*

Face to Face Coaching = This is when your coach is physically there when you train, this is not only a great way for people who need that each bit of motivation, but also want feedback both concurrent and delayed on whatever they would like to be improved. All face to face coaching is 1-1, unless requested otherwise. All athletes will also be offered a brief training plan for sessions to complete if they want to go the extra mile, at no extra cost. Also offer pacing at races from any distance between 5k and 21.2k

Location of Coaching: Winston Hills + Surround Suburbs


Individual Session: $25 Per Session

Two or More Sessions Per Week: $15 Per Session

10 Pack: $180

*These sessions include: Swimming, Triathlon Specific Swimming, Cycling, Brick Sessions, Running, Triathlon Specific Run Sessions.